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One could say that 'Search' and 'Coaching' are entirely different functions and, to an extent, that's an accurate assessment.

Perhaps that's why so few have managed to successfully combine the two different disciplines. That, however, is exactly what we've done at LeaderFit – and in so doing we have provided companies with a uniquely powerful resource in LeaderFit Synergy.®

Consider: It typically costs 2.5 times a new executive's annual salary for the individual to make the change, settle in and become productive. (Peter Fischer).

As both search specialists and accomplished coaches, we bring unique insight into both what the new executive offers now plus what he or she can be in the future. We are thus uniquely qualified to facilitate on-boarding, aid further development and to maximise the value of the relationship for all parties. Plus, by supporting the candidate from recruitment to on-going coaching and development, we underscore our commitment to both the long term success of the candidate and that of the employer.

Result? An executive that reaches peak efficiency more quickly and with more assurance, meaning more productivity sooner. And a resource that will be better suited to help lead the future growth of your organisation.

LeaderFit Synergy ® : One unique resource that finds new leadership talent, makes on-boarding more effective and helps develop leadership for the future.

“Ant is an expert identifier of top talent as well as a great coach."

Greg Bourke,
Patties Foods Limited

+ Testimonial - VP Global Sales- QSR International

I had the pleasure of working with Anthony as a candidate. He identified, contacted, positioned and secured for me a Worldwide VP Sales role with QSR International which required moving cities. I was not looking for another company at the time and was extremely surprised when I later realised I had contracted to join QSR. This would not have happened had it not been for Anthony who managed the process extremely well for both the hirer, and me one of the targeted candidates. Anthony professionally matched the role, goals, culture and approach and took me through a process that respected the professionalism of both parties as well as our ethics and my personal needs. Anthony went out on a limb several times during this process, and the result is a great fit for both. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Anthony and LeaderFit!

Tim Macdermid
VP - Global Sales
QSR International (Pty Ltd)
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LeaderFit Synergy ®

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Once the client requirements for a new role are understood in detail, LeaderFit uses a proven research based methodology to “talent map” the market sector. This is done by using a very experienced and competent research team and making most of the leading edge research technology