LeaderFit Executive Coaching

We 'just love it'

Working with, guiding and helping people develop is our passion – a passion that has driven us to distil the very best practices in the coaching field into our own coaching models and methodologies.

Like the individuals we work with, each coaching challenge is unique. It's typically true, however, that each 'coachee' must progress through four stages of development in order to gain full benefit from the process. See LeaderFit coaching process below.

Our coaching encourages long-term performance that is both self-correcting and self-generating. We help individuals gain the competencies required to manage future challenges as they arise, without the aid of further coaching.

Head, Heart and Gut

LeaderFit Coaching helps leaders bring all three 'centres of leadership' - head, heart and gut - into balance. 'Head Leadership' is about clarity of thinking and developing new points of view.

'Heart Leadership' is about feeling and balancing people needs with business needs. 'Gut Leadership' is about taking action, risks and making tough decisions.

LeaderFit Coaching programs include Executive Coaching, Career Transition Coaching ('on boarding') and Life Coaching.

Complimentary Coaching Session

"Leadership is a journey of self-discovery. It's both a journey in search of yourself and a journey to help others search for their essence and possibility. Neither journey is ever complete. There are no limits to personal growth."

Tony Manning


+ Testimonial - Brian Gardner The Donnington Group

My experience and work with Anthony has been extremely valuable, both personally and for any clients that I have referred to him. His integrity, insight, soft skills and communication is first class and his practical, thought provoking comments are all about self-understanding and growth. It is a privilege to have Anthony as a colleague, associate and service provider.

Brian Gardner
General Manager
The Donnington Group (Pty) Ltd

+ Testimonial - Lyn Marshall - Senior Executive

Anthony is a very talented, insightful and powerful coach. Together with his deep understanding of human behaviour and executive leadership and managerial knowledge, he has the business savvy to assist in navigating through complex organisational issues to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a more satisfying career.

Lyn Marshall
Senior Executive
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LeaderFit Coaching Process

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1. Awareness

Here, the coachee gains a clearer understanding of themselves and the world they work in - what they do well, where they can improve and how they are perceived by others.