LeaderFit Executive Search

We do more than fill positions, we find the right candidates for the right roles at the right time for your business and the right time in their careers.

We make this statement with confidence because:

Value over volume
We do NOT do volume business. Rather, we focus exclusively on the projects we have been retained for. As a result, our findings are more precise and turnaround times are reduced.

We've been on your side of the fence
Whereas many recruiters have seen business only from a recruiter's perspective, LeaderFit's principal, Anthony Youds, has on-the-ground experience in large and successful businesses. Hence, we know what it takes to lead and build a strong company and team.

We know and practice the science
Our research team uses precise and proven research-based methodologies to find and approach talent that may yet be undiscovered, talent that may not even know they are 'in the market' for a better opportunity.

As well as the art.
Traditional recruiters use scattershot advertisements, that indiscriminately 'shake the tree' of potential candidates, often delivering a crop that's simply unsuitable.

In contrast, the art of LeaderFit Executive Search lies in finding the 'healthy fruit at the top of the tree' and then carefully and confidentially picking it for selection. We are regularly successful in attracting individuals who are not actively looking for new roles.


We have proven that Executive Search can be much more than it is perceived to be.

+ Testimonial - Nicolas Georges- Vitasoy Australia

After several months of unsuccessful search for the right candidate, we turned to Anthony who convinced us he would bring a simple yet effective method to our recruitment need. Through a thorough process of understanding our exact needs for the position both in terms of skills but also in terms of personality and behaviour, then a compelling review of what we had to offer the right candidate beyond the position, Anthony set out to meet our needs through targeted search. The result was that within 4 weeks, we short listed two outstanding candidates that we struggled to split. From famine to feast! We believe that Anthony’s approach is not only effective but extremely efficient and yields what all companies are looking for- a perfect fit.

Nicolas Georges
General Manager
Vitasoy Australia Products (Pty) ltd

+ Testimonial - Vicky McNally - QSR International

Anthony assisted our company in the recruitment of a new role that was key to the future direction of the organisation. He really listened to our brief and gained a thorough understanding of the company and its culture to enable him to undertake an extensive search and provide us with targeted candidates. Anthony’s’ professionalism gave us confidence throughout the process and his continued support has been invaluable.

Vicky McNally
Human Resource Manager
QSR International (Pty) Ltd
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