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LeaderFit is the creation of Anthony Youds and is based on the belief that the identification and development of leadership is an on-going process and that promoting the continuous improvement of leadership skills is the best way to benefit individuals, companies and the business community as a whole.

LeaderFit mirrors Anthony's unique skills as it combines best practices in both Executive Search and individualised Leadership Coaching.

Anthony’s 25 years of business experience has been gained in both corporate and consulting environments. His corporate experience includes a Human Resources management role at Unilever and Senior Manager in the Electronic Banking Division of Nedbank in South Africa.

Anthony also enjoyed a successful career as a Senior Consultant in the Change Management practice of Accenture Consulting, working in both the Johannesburg and London offices across the Banking and Oil and Gas industries.

Prior to coming to Australia Anthony and his team developed and sold a successful executive search firm to a listed company and created a leadership development consulting business.

Over the last 6 years, Anthony has completed executive search assignments across a wide variety of industries within Australia and also successfully coached executives who required career transition and leadership development support.

His achievements in these endeavours are a matter of record and have won plaudits from a wide range of corporate clients and individual leaders in the Australian business community.

Anthony holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and a Masters of Management Degree (Human Resources). He has successfully completed the Associate Coaching Course at the Graduate School of Business in Cape Town, been trained in the methodologies of Ontological Coaching with the Newfield Institute of Australia and studied the Enneagram system of human nature with the Enneagram Institute in the USA.

+ Testimonial - Greg Bourke, EX CEO Patties Foods

Anthony really understands the "strategic fit" of a candidate to our business. Anthony has found two key executives to join my Leadership Team - CFO and Sales Director. Anthony's coaching support to these and others on the Leadership Team has enabled the team to create the right culture and achieve exceptional operational performance. His advice to me has been both supportive and challenging, and always makes me think about how I can lead better. I will use Anthony again and certainly recommend him to others.

Greg Bourke,
Patties Foods Limited

+ Testimonial - Terry Hopkins - HeartKids Victoria

I found meeting with Anthony extremely valuable. He helped me perform the mental gymnastics essential to move from loosely considering a multitude of interests and options to coalescing my thoughts sharply around a few specific areas of interest and likely long term satisfaction and success. He challenged and explained thought processes, motivations and belief systems through a direct, no-nonsense approach that helped me understand more deeply why I felt as I did. This helped me to analyse, organise and break through my own thought process and make decisions about myself with clarity, objectivity and confidence.

Terry Hopkins
HeartKids Victoria

+ Testimonial - Brian Gardner The Donnington Group

My experience and work with Anthony has been extremely valuable, both personally and for any clients that I have referred to him. His integrity, insight, soft skills and communication is first class and his practical, thought provoking comments are all about self-understanding and growth. It is a privilege to have Anthony as a colleague, associate and service provider.

Brian Gardner
General Manager
The Donnington Group (Pty) Ltd

+ Testimonial - Nicolas Georges- Vitasoy Australia

After several months of unsuccessful search for the right candidate, we turned to Anthony who convinced us he would bring a simple yet effective method to our recruitment need. Through a thorough process of understanding our exact needs for the position both in terms of skills but also in terms of personality and behaviour, then a compelling review of what we had to offer the right candidate beyond the position, Anthony set out to meet our needs through targeted search. The result was that within 4 weeks, we short listed two outstanding candidates that we struggled to split. From famine to feast! We believe that Anthony’s approach is not only effective but extremely efficient and yields what all companies are looking for- a perfect fit.

Nicolas Georges
General Manager
Vitasoy Australia Products (Pty) ltd

+ Testimonial - Tim Macdermid - QSR International

I had the pleasure of working with Anthony as a candidate. He identified, contacted, positioned and secured for me a Worldwide VP Sales role with QSR International which required moving cities. I was not looking for another company at the time and was extremely surprised when I later realised I had contracted to join QSR. This would not have happened had it not been for Anthony who managed the process extremely well for both the hirer, and me one of the targeted candidates. Anthony professionally matched the role, goals, culture and approach and took me through a process that respected the professionalism of both parties as well as our ethics and my personal needs. Anthony went out on a limb several times during this process, and the result is a great fit for both. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Anthony and LeaderFit!

Tim Macdermid
VP - Global Sales
QSR International (Pty Ltd)

+ Testimonial - Lyn Marshall - Senior Executive

Anthony is a very talented, insightful and powerful coach. Together with his deep understanding of human behaviour and executive leadership and managerial knowledge, he has the business savvy to assist in navigating through complex organisational issues to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a more satisfying career.

Lyn Marshall
Senior Executive
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