Better leaders. Better careers. Better business.

Forget everything you know about 'recruiters'

In stark contrast to experiences you may have had with recruiters in the past, you will find that LeaderFit:

  • Is genuinely interested in you as a person and in your on-going career
  • Will communicate regularly with you, keeping you up to date and 'in the loop'

  • Will be a valuable advisor and coach
  • Will help you to form an accurate assessment of what you truly want and whether the career move you are contemplating is in your best interest
  • Will provide you with career transition support and help you fit into your new role smoothly and confidently.

We won’t leave you behind at the employer's door, we come through the door with you.

+ Testimonial - Terry Hopkins - HeartKids Victoria

I found meeting with Anthony extremely valuable. He helped me perform the mental gymnastics essential to move from loosely considering a multitude of interests and options to coalescing my thoughts sharply around a few specific areas of interest and likely long term satisfaction and success. He challenged and explained thought processes, motivations and belief systems through a direct, no-nonsense approach that helped me understand more deeply why I felt as I did. This helped me to analyse, organise and break through my own thought process and make decisions about myself with clarity, objectivity and confidence.

Terry Hopkins
HeartKids Victoria
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